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I just tried to order the Preschool Prep series on amazon but they don't ship to HK. How did you get it?
As it happens, in this case, we got the DVD boxset from the US seller directly while we were in the US, but I have in the past been successful with the following strategies:

1. order from marketplace at amazon.co.uk, they ship to Hong Kong (see http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/cust...9601#countries)

currently, only "meet the letters" is available at a reasonable price, the other two are available at 35 UK pounds!

I've been successful buying dozens of DVDs that way, the shipping costs are quite affordable, especially if you order a bunch of DVDs from the same marketplace seller and agree beforehand about a discount (contact the sellers via email from the amazon.co.uk website).

2. order from ebay, and contact the seller to make sure they ship to Hong Kong, this usually works. The items are available, you may need to "bid", in which case may I suggest you wait until 2 seconds before the end of the bid before placing your bid, to ensure that you will not be counterbid by a friend of the seller's who's just trying to raise the price ! and also, easiest is to have a paypal account.

3. order from shopinhk or the book depository co.uk, this is hit or miss, works best for books, couldn't find the DVDs this time

4. order from your local store, usually they pull up the reference from amazon on their computer and get the isbn from there. I've been successful ordering winnie the pooh DVDs and Sesame Street DVDs that way.

if anyone else knows better tricks, please do weigh in!