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Shhh...I've just spent...

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    ssheng is offline Registered User
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    I agree that now that you've spent the $, make the most of it and definitely go more than once a week - 3 times is ideal and 2 is the minimum to see some results. Ideally you would do some cardio (walking, running, biking) also on a day or two you don't have training sessions.

    Also, it IS money well spent, because if you stay in shape during your pregnancy, you will save $ overall. I say this because I did not exercise during my first pregnancy, and I probably spent a ton after I gave birth desperately trying to get back into shape. (Not to mention just the difficultly of labor when you are out of shape, and the painful recovery, etc made worse by being out of shape). With my second pregnancy, I tried to eat right and do some exercise, and the post-natal difference is astounding.

    Basically, while pregnant, taking care of yourself means you are taking care of your baby. Therefore you can mentally allocate some of that $ to baby care and not be so stressed you spent money you shouldn't have. I would also talk to your gym now and get a trainer who can also do exercise with you that is good for preparing for being pregnant, like strengthening your back and thighs.

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    catan is offline Registered User
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    If you maintain fitness level before and during pregnancy, it will pay off during your pregnancy and postpartum. The discomforts in the last weeks of pregnancy will be easier to handle, and recovery after childbirth will be faster. Taking care of yourself is not only good for physical health, but emotional and mental health as well! :) Stay positive and make the most of it!

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    zzsp23 is offline Registered User
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    Thanks so much guys for all the words of wisdom!

    But, for me, going 2-3 times a week with the PT seems sooo indulgent!!
    I think I'll go once a week for PT and go twice a week on my own for now...(yes, I'm trying to make the sessions "last longer" :p ), and save them for when I get the 2 little blue lines. Then I'll up the PT frequency at that time to a couple of sessions a week.

    Or, is it better to go all out BEFORE getting pregnant so you're in super fit shape already because once you're pregnant you're supposed to take it a bit easier right? Hmm, that only gives me about 4 weeks to lose those 4 kg if all goes according to plan ;).

    I'll probably need to change trainer too! I've just had a look at his profile and he doesn't have any qualifications that specifically enable him to do pre-natal training. (But during the assessment, he was saying how he had lots of experience training pregnant clients and also in the post-natal period??)

    I AM sore from yesterday's training so it's obviously working some muscles I haven't worked for a while!!

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