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Meal Intervals for 10 month old !

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    Meal Intervals for 10 month old !

    Hello Mommies !

    Wanted to know in how much interval should i feed my 10 month old ?
    like in breast feeding one follows a roughly 2 hour gap....

    now that the baby is on solids.....
    how much should be the approximate feed intervals ?

    Thanks in Advance !

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    My daughter is now 11 months old and has been on 3 square meals a day for quite a few months. Our feeding schedule is as follows:

    7am Milk
    8.30am Breakfast
    10.30am Drink and snack
    12pm Lunch
    1pm Milk
    4pm Drink and snack
    6pm Dinner
    8pm Milk

    I got her onto this schedule as soon as possible cause I have a toddler too. Otherwise I'd be feeding one or the other all day long!

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    I generally just feed when she is hungry... by 10-11 months, my daughter (now nearly 12 months) went down to 2 milk feeds a day and 2-3 solid meals, plus some snacks. She now will have her milk at about 8am and 8pm (right when she wakes up, and right before bed) and she will have solids around noon, 4pm and 6pm. She often eats rice crackers throughout the day as well, and during the day, she will drink water if she is thirsty. Some days she doesn't drink a LOT of water, other days she drinks close to 200mL. I'm a big believer that babies will eat and drink when they are hungry and thirsty so I don't ever try to force feed her, and if she loses interest in a meal, I stop feeding her straight away.

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