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Locals snapping pictures of my children?

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    South District

    would agree- think it is mostly mainlanders and they take pictures of ANYTHING! not great but what my friends have done is just to pick up the baby and leave...they get the picture! it really isn't meant to be offensive in nature, just a cultural thing i believe because they rarely see western babies - particularly blue eyed blonde ones....unfortunately...

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    Sarah_Lotus is offline Registered User
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    I will second that they will take photos of anything. At Christmas my niece was stopped on the MTR platform and asked if she could be photographed. They told her it was because she was so beautiful. (This is easy to believe she is a lovely looking young woman.)

    So when my best friend and I (two 50 year olds) where stopped to be photographed on Repluse Bay Beach we assumed it was because we too were so beautiful!

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    thanka2 is offline Registered User
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    May 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by carang View Post
    i've had some ask to take photos. i've always left it up to my kids to decide.

    i have found, though, that it's not locals who are taking the photos, but mainlanders.
    Yep. It's probably not local HK people--they've got better things to do with their time and have a stronger sense of privacy. You're encountering Mainlanders, I'm pretty sure. If it bothered me or creeped me out I would approach them and tell them not to do it or even contact the air flight staff as that behavior is intrusive.
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    bonita is offline Registered User
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    My tactic is, if I realize my daughter is not comfortable, to move really close to my child, either whisper something into her ear or give her a big long **** on the cheek, to block the camera. The "photographer" usually gets the hint.

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    AmyH is offline Registered User
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    My son (almost 7) gets pretty uncomfortable when people try to take pics of him so he says no but my daughter (almost 2) loves it now! We were in central yesterday and she was out of her buggy in a shopping mall and there were mainland tourists taking pics of themselves, she smiled at me and said "mummy pictures... cheese" and walked straight into the middle of them to get her pic taken too! They were all laughing and then asked could they take a pic of her... I could hardly say no when she instigated the whole thing!

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    evgreen is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2011
    Tai Tam

    That's pretty cute Amy:) I have mixed feelings about the topic but if a situation were to ever make me or my child feel uncomfortable I'd definitely make it known. I get the same treatment when I'm out with my standard poodle. People are just fascinated to see one and can't help but take pictures.

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    nicolejoy is offline Registered User
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    I also am very mixed about this subject. In some ways, I don't really care, particularly if my kids aren't objecting... my first daughter has ALWAYS been "paparazzied" - she is mixed and is quite pretty if I may say so myself. My 2nd daughter is also gorgeous - but she has a form of dwarfism, and I'm much more protective of her. When people photograph her, it's easier for me to assume that it's because she's noticeably different. Many people around the world with dwarfism "struggle" with people taking photos of them everywhere they go - and if you look on youtube, there are a lot of videos of them obviously taken by strangers on their cell phones etc... It bothers me that my daughter may have to deal with that all her life, just because she looks "different". So for her, I have a MUCH stronger reaction now than I previously did before she was born...

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    May 2011

    Nicolejoy- I feel for your situation. Just reading your story makes my "Mommy instinct" kick in to over drive and want to protect your little girl from what in time could make her self-conscious.

    Honestly, I didn't/don't have a problem with people taking pictures, that is until the guy on the plane. It was so intrusive and he took SO many pictures throughout the flight that it made my daughter, myself and my husband uncomfortable. In hindsight I wish I had asked the flight attendant to ask him to stop.

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