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living in discovery bay

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    living in discovery bay

    how is the quality of living in Discovery bay for a 2 years old ? Are there any good schools? Is it easy to meet new friends?
    Thank you Cristina

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    if you don't like dogs or kids, do NOT move to DB.

    the"quality of life" for young kids and their mums is excellent in db. BUT DB's biggest drawback is the lack of school places (this is a problem all over HK, not limited to DB, by the way).

    i lived in db for 6+ years, moved away 4 years ago and still miss it! it was so easy with the kids. everything in walking distance, playgrounds everywhere, clubhouses, swimming pools, various classes available etc. would move back in a heartbeat if "life" allowed it.

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    Agree with Cara - DB great for kids. Schooling a bit overcrowded in DB but there are available options for the 2 - 6 year range (DMK, Sunshine House, new Montessori at DB North). It is after that age that it gets more difficult. Primary schools - DBIS and Discovery College and also a local school (I think its called SKH Wei Lun - website only in Chinese

    For DBIS, you can put their name down from birth so put down now if you are interested. DC is a quasi ESF school so they don't take applications until the year before. DBIS has a kindergarten section whereas DC primary and high school only. There are a few threads on this already if you do a search - on schooling and on housing/clubs etc.

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