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Birthday party for my daughter turning 2

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    Birthday party for my daughter turning 2

    Looking for ideas, suggestions on how to make my daughters 2nd birthday party interesting for her n her friends. Do we have lots a games or an entertainer or a tattoo artist, face painter etc?

    Would love to have insights from parents who have already gone through this drill before. Would love to have your thoughts on this. Thanks..k

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    for my daughters 3rd year old b-day i was originally planning on having a party at the place she has gym class (Rolly Pollies) but unfortunately she doesn't have a whole load of friends (around 9 including cousins) and it seems a waste of money to spend when there'd be more adults than children. so instead we will probably go to cyberport park area for a picnic and then i'll bring some balls / ballons (water ballons) / toy cars for them to play around in the outdoor area...nothing fancy, don't really believe in that at this age - have been to some parties where they have hired entertainers - magicians etc. it's fun but i think that is better for when they are older, say 5+

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