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Baby awake for 2 hours during the night

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    Baby awake for 2 hours during the night

    I'm pretty sure it's teething, but why oh why does my 11 month old daughter have to stay awake for 2 hours during the night??? We give her the Panadol, she gets a drink, starts to get drowsy, but just won't fall asleep for around 2 hours! We leave her to self-settle, but she's constantly making noise (not all out crying luckily) and she refuses to fall asleep! She's not the best of sleepers anyway, but this latest thing is driving us insane! The noises keep the whole family awake... Anyone else experienced this? Any tips?
    Also, you'd think she's tired the next day from lack of sleep, but she's also been refusing the morning nap the last few days. Also teething??? As the afternoon nap is fine...

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    My daughter (12 months) is the same. She's been waking up soooo happy in the middle of the night and wanting to party! Driving us all a bit batty. I don't think it's teething though, I think it's just a developmental stage thing, personally.

    What I try to do is to mostly ignore her as much as possible... keep the lights off (or at least dimmed if I do have to take her out of the bedroom). I try not to feed her unless ABSOLUTELY necessary - I figure I don't want to give her a REASON to wake up... I also try to give her as little attention as possible, that just winds her up even more...

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