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Problems with solids at 8 months...any advice?

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    Hi Liquorice, my daughter is almost 12 months and is a bit of a fussy eater. We started her on solids at 6 months and she didn't really start eating until 10 months and even now, whether she eats or not depends on her mood. We've spoken to her doctor about this and he said not to worry - some babies don't start eating properly until they are well over a year old and just top up with milk as necessary. What I do now is offer her solids (a mixture of purees and finger foods) and if she doesn't want the solids, I just try to feed her more milk afterwards.

    Also, if you're concerned about choking, have you tried giving your son some of the biscuits/crackers that melt in their mouths? They will melt as your baby keeps them in their mouth so you don't have to worry even if they refuse to chew on them.

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    My baby is 8 months old. For proteins, we give
    - Tofu mashed into bits with veg/fruit puree
    - minced meats/fish with mashed veg/fruits with pasta or cereal
    - plain yogurt as snack, strange but she likes it even though she "shivers"

    She loves breads. We tear them to long strips and let her feed. On days she's fussy, we let her suck on cold apples/pears. Seem to help.

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    started with minced meats (beef / lamb / chicken) and steamed fish (cod mostly - because it's soft and no bones) pureed the minced meats as they did not have many teeth yet, but by 10mins they did not like the pureed foods and so I would just cook it with more sauce and also longer to make the meats softer - made a lot of bolognese sauce with pasta when my kids were around 8mths....also did a lot of white sauce - lamb stew...well, lamb with peas (frozen kind) that was cooked till the whole thing was really soft. my kids really liked both. didn't do pork as it gets dry very easily when it is over cooked and not easy to swallow, even for us adults! :)

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