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workplace putting me into a smaller cubicle

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    daipaidong is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2011

    workplace putting me into a smaller cubicle

    Hi there, need some advice from those on this forum. My work place doesn't know I've got a bun in the oven yet but they are making a few of us move into a smaller cubicle space that I'm not happy about. I'd be happy to use my pregnancy as an excuse if I need to. We're currently in a 7.5 ft x 5 ft cube space with an L-shaped desk. Since they want to fit more people into the same space, they are reducing our cubicle sizes to 5ft x 5 ft and we will just have a straight workbench of 30" deep. My seating/walking area is then 30" x 60". Does anyone know if there are restrictions about smaller work environments? We will then be at face to face desks with just a short partition to my front and side. Initially I was placed with a loud colleague in front and behind me though I asked to swap with my colleague so that I could be on one side of the 2 noisy colleagues. However, this now means that my bosses will be approaching me from behind (instead of seeing them before they approach).

    I'm wondering what reasons I can give to the boss to see if I can avoid the situation for longer? Any good suggestions? One possible alternative is that I could to be moved into a shared office with my noisy colleague with the original L-shaped desk space and an extra set of drawers. Not sure if this would be better or worse than seated on the open floor.

    Appreciate any thoughts.

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    matemate is offline Registered User
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    stop whining and move on.

    using pregancy in your favour on such an issue does not help all the other pregnant women who have real needs and require real support.

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    pregnancy should NOT be used in this manner.... this is what gives women a bad name in the workforce...

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    miran is offline Registered User
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    May 2011
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    completely agree with matemate and carang. what a ridiculous thought process.

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    Gracey is offline Registered User
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    This is a ridiculous "use" of your pregnancy. In fact, it's manipulative, and unfair to your non-pregnant colleagues. We all ask for equality in the workplace -- so you can't have a double standard and demand special treatment.

    Actions like yours just make all other pregnant working moms look bad -- and give companies even more reason to dismiss legitimate concerns.

    If you haven't told work yet, you're probably still in early pregnancy. So I don't think this is because of a serious physical or medical problem. (If it is, that's a different matter). You just want more real estate, to get away from a noisy neighbor, or having the boss sneak up on you. These are not pregnancy concerns.

    When I got to the end of my time at work, at 8 months, I had some medical issues because of leg cramps and swelling. So I put a stool under my desk for my feet, and got wrist supports, and took more breaks to stretch. I also took 3 days off when I was legitimately ill and was in hospital. But there was a reason.

    Sorry, Daipaidong - but it sounds kinda selfish and makes the rest of us pregnant ladies look bad.

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