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Pregnancy & Antiphospholipids Syndrom

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    Question Pregnancy & Antiphospholipids Syndrom

    Hi There,

    I'm 7 weeks pregnant and so far everything is fine ... but it isn't my first pregnancy (I had a few problems in the past, so I never could experience a normal pregnancy) Hopefully, this time it'll be different ... The doctors finally discovered that I have a Antiphospholipds Syndrom (sticky blood), it creates deep veins trombosis and I must take heparin/clexane injection and baby dose aspirin every day during my pregnancy ... Normally, it should improve a lot the chances to have a normal and healthy pregnancy ...

    I'm looking for someone who has/had and can share Antiphospholipids Pregnancy experience ?

    Thanks !

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    I have the same symptom. did you find any doctor who knows about APS and good at it?
    If so, Please advice.. I'm looking for the doctor here..

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    I have antiphospholipid syndrome (which really just means that you test positive for the Lupus anticoagulant, but do not have the the other clinical markers needed for a Lupus diagnosis).

    I have had two pregnancies (through the public system) on clexane (heparin) and aspirin. Whilst injecting yourself every day is not fun, the thing you really need to watch out for is bruising and bleeding which could indicate low platelets.

    In a normal person, the platelet count is 140+. It is normal for it to drop a bit in pregnancy, but low platelets are a very common side effect of aspirin and heparin (in fact, there have been warnings issues in the UK and and Australia last week about the dangers of daily aspirin doses!).

    My experience is that HK doctors like to proscribe drugs and are not good at communicating side effects. So, please make sure you have a complete blood count taken every few weeks to keep an eye on your platelet levels.

    Yes, blood clots can be disastrous in a pregnancy but so can low platelets - this would increase your risk of bleeding, hemorrhaging, and can also mean that is you need a C-section, that you need a general anaesthetic instead of a spinal block or epidural.

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    I am also on daily clexane injections (extortionate pricing through my OB). Did any of you go to Queen Mary during your pregnancy? Was it prescribed there?

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