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Cardiologist for my premature baby

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    To second what JayJay said, I would insist on a meeting - I believe that you should be able to do so. When my daughter was in NICU, I did that on quite a few occasions. Some times were more successful than others. Some doctors (such as the orthopedic one, the one who is most important in my daughter's case) I got significantly better answers/better quality time with them when I saw them as an outpatient after my daughter was discharged. I am sure that they will have you follow up with a cardiologist quite regularly given your son's situation, and you may find better answers when you have outpatient appointments upon discharge. One thing to do is to write down all your questions and then when you do see someone, you know what to ask and don't forget anything.

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    Definitely agree with nicolejoy you will get better answers as an outpatient case.

    When my son was discharged, the hospital arranged the outpatient appointments for us. You will probably be referred to Queen Mary since they are the main public hospital that handles paediatric cardiology. They are very thorough but the downside is the waiting – I think on our first few visits we were there for about 4-5 hours each time.

    The procedures carried out are height/weight, oxygen saturation test, chest x-ray, physical exam and consultation with doctor, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram and another consultation with doctor.

    Our appointments were weekly for the first month of so, then gradually spaced out to every 3 months prior to surgery.

    If you want to seek a second opinion with a private cardiologist, they may only do the echocardiogram.

    Thanks for your PM and please feel free to ask any questions.

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    my son is at the NICU at QMH and if my assumption is correct, the doctors should perform the same # of rounds daily and have some time to meet parents. at QMH they do 2 rounds during the scheduled visiting hours, but only during the 2nd round (around 6-7pm) will the doctor(s) actually stop to answer questions...and even then they only give me 2mins. the less serious the case, the less time they give you - with my 1st daughter they gave me a good 3 mins and she was critical - with my son, i've gotten 30seconds of the doctors time and mostly it's talking with nurses whom i must say tell me pretty much the same thing but in a less "politically correct" way than the doctor. i'd ask the nurses what time they make there rounds and sit there to wait for the doctor - they will answer your questions...just make sure to have them written down so you don't forget what to ask. sounds like a good sign though from the vibe i get - they are very thorough at the public hospitals - so they will not let any stone go unturned if they see the need to investigate -

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    Sorry to hear of your baby's situation. From what I know, Dr Maurice Leung is the most renown pediatrician cardiologist in town. Best of luck and try not to worry too much, the problem will be fixed soon! Stay strong and hang in there!

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