I just had a bad experience @ Woodland. They asked us to apply for summer week in Aug and while sending the cheque to them in June, we have never received any sort of confirmation and they never even specified the exact time for the classes.

I just all of a sudden remembered I applied summer week for my kid today and checked the dates again. 2 days had passed since the first class! No one even called or emailed to ask why my kid was not at school! (Tutortime called immediately when my kid was sick the other time - just as a comparison)

When I called the school, the administrator didn't even think there was anything wrong for not calling. She said the school do not individually tell parents about their summer week enrollment status or their times. Parents are supposed to know to find out on their own. When I asked if they care if the student may be sick or there must be a reason why they were not in class, she just said they never called!

What kind of school is this???!!!