I am interested in buying the Leander Bed for my little one. I am wondering if there are any HK parents out there who have also purchased this bed and can give me any feedback. I have found some reviews online from parents in Australia, but am interested to know how it's worked out for parents closer to home!

Here's a link to the bed: http://www.leander.com/produkter/bed

It's available at Mothercare and two other retailers. It's comparable to the Stokke bed, but only goes up to about 7 years as opposed to 10 years with Stokke, depending on the height of your child, of course.

I am especially interested to get feedback about:
- the mattress (it's pocket spring),
- buying sheets for the oval shaped mattress,
- the height of the crib and leaning over to reach the baby when it's in the second position (for babies who can sit and crawl),
- and the ease of changing it from cot bed, to toddler bed, to junior bed.

Thanks so much!