Hi all,

I recently terminated my helper and am looking for a new one. I wanted to see if you can help me make sense of the fees/process/timing likely to be incurred in hiring a new helper. I know they are likely dependent on the visa /contract status of the potential helper. Here is what I know so far based on experience and research. Can you help fill in the missing info?

Process: No agency needed, helper or future employer can go to HK Immigration to process the paperwork
Fees: Not sure, I would think just any fees associated with getting the new visa?
Timing: Helper can stay in HK while waiting for paperwork to process? And can start once paperwork is processed. 4-6 weeks if all paperwork in order.

Process: With all terminated contracts (excluding exceptions listed below), the helper must go back to their home country while visa is being processed. The paperwork cannot be submitted to HK Immigration directly, it must be processed by an agency.
Fees: Agency fee of approx. $3,500 which includes Philippine Consulate Fee, Visa Fee, POEA - Philippine Overseas Employment Administration Fee (paid in Philippines), Air-ticket - One way from home country to HK, home country health checks, and Couriers and IDD
Timing: 6-8 weeks if all paperwork is in order
Exceptions: If contract is terminated due to extreme circumstances (employers death, external transfer, or employers financial difficulties), the HK Immigration will consider letting helper stay and this can be processed as per 1) HELPER w/FINISHED CONTRACT

Process: Agency processes all paperwork
Fees: Approx HK $3,500 paid by employer. Helper also pays agency.
Timing: Not sure - 8 weeks?

Thanks in advance for your input.