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Junk Boat with Baby

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    Junk Boat with Baby

    I am new to Hong Kong and have yet to be on a junk boat so forgive me if this is a silly question. Are there junk boats that are baby friendly? I want to go on a Junk boat with some friends but I have a 7 month old baby. My friends also have kids. Is this possible?

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    As far as I know Hong Kong only has ONE Junk, the Aqua Luna. We went on it recently with our 3.5 year old and 8 mos. old. I'm not sure what you're looking for as in "baby friendly", but it was a fine, comfortable trip provided you don't mind keeping an eye/ hand in your kids as it is a boat... pitches to and fro and has easy to climb railing.

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    All junk are baby friendly as in they are spacious and with large flat area and quite stable. But kids could climb overboard or fall off the stairs. It depends on how active is your kid and how closely you watch them( and how much alcohol is on board =).
    My son first went on junk trip at around 6mth old. Take a car seat or stroller so baby can nap.
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    And keep in mind that safety rules like lifevests, are not always followed on junks, and the quality of the boats themselves is highly varied - some are safer/ newer/ better maintained than others. I probably wouldn't take my baby junking unless it was a trip with other children, limited or no alcohol (I definitely wouldn't be comfortable drinking while supervising a child on a junk) and wouldn't be out too long. I've got friends who have been really sunburnt on junk trips that go all day and it can be hot out there - but as long as you use common sense it *should* be okay.

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    Excellent question, MarisaB! I was just wondering about the same;-)

    Would be great if anyone else could share their experience with babies on a junk.

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    We've been on a junk three times with our children. The first time, nearly five years ago, we just had one 18 mth old - he tottered round, a bit unsteady at time if it got choppy and we chased round after him. We rocked him to sleep on the boat and the engine noise and the motion of the boat helped with that. There was just us and one other family so it was easy to keep an eye on him at all times.

    The second time, earlier this summer, there were about 10 families. We had a 5-yr-old, 3-yr-old and 9-mth-old - and frankly, it was a nightmare. I couldn't relax at all, trying to keep track of the two bigger ones and entertain the 9-mth-old. And because there were a lot of other kids on board, it was a bit chaotic. The baby did fall asleep in his pushchair in the air-conditioned cabin, so at least he took his nap.

    The third time, also this summer, there were only 3 families so it was easier to watch the children. We also took our helper, so she could follow the two bigger boys around the whole time, while my husband and I played pass-the-baby. It was much easier and we had a very enjoyable time.

    So, are junks child-friendly? Well, you have to be very vigilant - watch them on the stairs and near the rails, get them to wear a floatie vest for the whole trip if they will - but they motion in the water isn't usually too rough (bit choppy in the harbour). Make sure you have a junk with a cabin where the kids can hide from the sun. Better yet, a closed, air-conditioned cabin - and take a sling to carry the baby for a while, and a pushchair for a nap. We also took a portable DVD player as it's a long trip up to Sai Kung and the kids get bored with the scenery and exploring the boat. For the journey back, the DVD player was a godsend.

    I would think a 7-mth-old would be reasonably easy - not walking, not very mobile, happy to be carried (and light enough to be in the sling for extended periods). I would say go for it - you'll probably have fun. We don't drink much if we're watching the kids (a couple of glasses of wine at the most) but it was still a fun trip. It's a Hong Kong memory that's worth having!


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    Be wary of kids in strollers on boats - IF something happens and they fall overboard in the stroller, the weight of the stroller will cause them to sink and there is little chance of rescuing them. It's extremely unsafe. IF you MUST take the child and must have them in a stroller, it's probably safer to either a) securely strap the stroller to the boat, or b) leave the baby unstrapped so that IF a worst-case scenario happens, they are not dragged to the bottom of the harbour.

    Now all that said, I was completely ignorant of this when my youngest was 7 months old and I took her on a speedboat in Phuket!!! The stroller was strapped to the boat at least, but I was horrified when I heard about the risk a couple of months later. It's one of those things that I just hadn't thought about.

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    We take our children on junk trips quite regularly. I have 3 children and the youngest has been going on junk trips since he was about 8 weeks old. As previous posters mention, you do need to be vigiliant. Particularly if your kids are mobile but it's such a great day. My boys are now 5, 3 and 1. We were on a junk recently, rented thru Saffron and they had good quality and well fitted life jackets for the eldest two. Not so much the little one. As for naps I take the ergo and baby naps in that or just in my arms.
    I highly recommend it as a family day out.

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