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Diaper Rash

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarisaB View Post
    Thanks guys!
    Was wondering what is a good barrier cream? I brought mine from Canada and am running low.
    Also, where can I get these absorbent pads to put in his cot while he sleeps diaper free?
    Absorbent pads - I used the hospital adult incontinance onces also as they easily fit the bed. Got them at Taste in Stanley I think, but not sure if they still have them since the re-fit. Larger drugstores and supermarkets should have them. They are thin, have a waterproof layer on the bottom and some absorbet material on top.

    For barrier cream, would try to get my hands on some desitin or another product with 40% zinc oxide content. Hard to find in HK (for some reason Desitin has gone off all the shelves here?!) and if you have relatives in the US/ Canada would ask for them to send you a tube or two. I've found that some of the other creams (Mustela in particular) made the rash worse, but that could have just been a reaction my kid had. Sudecrem is recommended by a lot of UK pediatricians, but I found that it didn't work as well as a good zinc oxide cream.

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    My daughter had rash badly at onetime, I've tried different kind of zinc but didn't help. Only when this customer recommended the sudocrem to me at the baby shop, it helped her instantly like no others did. We are still using it now she's almost 11 months old. Just try it.

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    Would you say bumps to babes or Eugene would be the best place to get these ointments?
    I've checked Mannings and 360 with no success.
    Kinda new to the city so still trying to figure all this stuff out.
    Thanks guys!

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    veggieyogini is offline Registered User
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    hi, absorbent pads you get at mannings. the only cream that worked for my son was/is sudocrem. i bought it at bumps to babes. he had very bad diaper rash when 5 weeks old and then never since he is 10 months now. when he had the rash i only cleaned him with water in the sink and dry him with the hairdryer no contact with any tissue, cotton wool, wet tissue because it all irritated the skin. i found that some of the wet cleaning tissues are not good for his skin, especially those containing (a lot of) citric acid (which most have it) for example, i only need to use pampers sensitive tissues for 2 or 3 diaper change in a row, he immediately gets a rash. i am now using johnson baby messy time wipes (the blue package) which younget at all supermarkets/watsons/mannings and i use lansinoh which you get at bumps to babes hope that helps

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    You can get Sudocrem at Mannings too :)

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    deasy_h is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2010
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    I use zinc oxide cream from Medipharma Limited, Hong Kong. Can easily be found at local dispensaries. Costs $20 only & works like magic after trying lots of other diaper rash creams :)

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