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How can I register at a hospital now, if I won't be in HK until November???

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    How can I register at a hospital now, if I won't be in HK until November???

    I am still in the USA, but because of my husband's employment, we will be moving to Shenzhen, China in November 2011. I would like to deliver in Hong Kong when the baby will be born. My estimated due date is April 30, 2012. We have a global health insurance policy, and are prepared to pay cash and just seek reimbursement from the insurance compy after the baby is born. The problem I am running in to is that I know hospitals fill up VERY quickly for birthing reservations. I won't be in HK until November, but want to register now so that I can get into a good hospital, but the ones I have called won't let me register until a local Doctor referrs me to validate the pregnancy. Does anyone have any recommendations how to get around this issue? Or does anyone know a doctor that would be willing to accept a letter from by US based physician stating that I am pregnant and could then give me what I need to register?



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    Hi aliciak,

    Congratulations and (soon) welcome to Asia!

    I had a somewhat similar situation. I found out we were moving to HK when I was 9 weeks pregnant. Knowing that I will deliver the baby here, I chose a doctor through online search (and I think I chose really well!), got his contact details then called his clinic. I got to talk to his secretary/nurse and asked if I can submit my medical results from home so I can be booked at the Matilda (I heard it was important to book early). I also emailed the doctor directly about my query. He agreed. (It was rather nice of him to do it without even meeting me and without assurance that I will see him for my pre-natal checks when I get to HK) He simply asked me to email all results and ultrasound images. A week after my email, he was able to book me a space :-) :-) :-)

    So, I am sure you can do this. The earlier you do it, the better as it gets pretty full easily. In fact, you're considered "late" by HK standards.

    Oh, my doctor is Alexander Doo. My husband and I rave about him :-)

    Take care :-)

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    You can also try Dr May Mok at the same clinic Dr Doo is from, called The Women's Clinic in Central, HK. She is also a "resident" doctor at Matilda Hospital and has a good record with getting her patients spots. (Resident doesn't have the same meaning as in the US, where it would denote a junior doctor still undergoing training).

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