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Beware of Playsport!

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    All fault is with the current registered owner, Joe, and this has nothing to do with Sally Cinnamond. Sally started the company many years ago with Joe, but Sally and her family moved back to England about 3 years ago and has NOTHING to do with the company. Joe took the Play Sport company over completely and ran it into the ground. So please do NOT contact Sally or complain to her, she is not involved at all - Sally is a 100% honest person and would be horrified to know how Joe has mismanaged the business that she put a huge amount of time into developing and did a great job when she was here, despite Joe's limitations. But she has nothing to do with the company anymore so please go after Joe (I have no idea where he is: have not seen him for about 6 months and would be in touch with the cops if I did know or did see him), and please leave Sally out of it completely.
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    Annie, how did you sign up for the spring term? The site is still down.
    Founder of GeoBaby.Com

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    Woodland Schools seem to have changed their soccer partners. The easter scoccer camps will be conducted by kids in motion.

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    To all concerned:.
    This thread and situation has become of particular interest to me and I would like to get confirmation of the past/current situation.

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    What specific information are you looking for? Interesting, as the owner was spotted in Thailand ...
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    this has been an interesting read indeed. I used to hire PlaySport to provide services for the organisation I work for. I had their contract cancelled four or perhaps even five years ago now. I had originally met with both Joe Livesey and Sally Cinnamond and can confirm that Sally left soon after and would not be aware of what Joe has ended up doing. Joe was very unpredictable and spoke to people rather abrasively. The last straw for me came when he didn't show up for a class and I rang and rang and rang and he finally picked up the phone and it was clear he was in one of those 24 hour discos down in Wanchai (it was 10am when I was calling). I had his contract cancelled and I felt rather threatened afterwards because if I saw him in the street he'd clench his fists. Luckily for us, the way our billing works, is that he had to submit billing at the end of the month for services provided rather than him receiving money up front. Seems to me we dodged a bullet. Very sorry to hear that all of you have been taken for a ride.

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