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Helper Interview

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    elle is offline Registered User
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    I actually (respectfully) disagree. While our helper is a member of our household, she is still entitled to her personal privacy. A lot of questions employers ask in HK are aimed at gaguing the liklihood of their helper becoming pregnant. While of course we would not like for her to become pregnant because it would be quite inconvenient for us it would be both illegal and immoral for us to put restrictions (whether or not legally permissible) on her reproductive rights. I was recently asked in a job interview whether I planned on having more children - and was more than horrified at such a personal (and for me sensitive) question from a complete stranger.

    I also don't feel like her personal life should come into her work to the degree that I need to know about it in great detail, and it has never been an issue. We did our homework, made sure our helper was qualified for her job (which has little to do with her personal life and more to do with her employment experience, ability to do the job at hand and attitude) and left things at that. Honestly, when we hired our helper we didn't even know if she was married.

    Its a lot easier to keep your relationship like an employer/ employee (again while making adjustments for the fact that your helper will live with you) if you allow your helper the courtesy and privacy regarding personal matters which would be afforded any other employee in a more conventional work environment.

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    hazelnut is offline Registered User
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    These tips are quite helpful. I just had a first interview with a potential candidate and we discussed general topics such as her routine at her current employer and what her strengths are.

    Now that we are seriously considering signing a contract with her, what topics do you all think must be covered in our second meeting?

    I can only think of salary, work hours, general household responsibilities. Because this helper is working with a friend right now, I have a good sense of her hygiene, conduct etc so I don't think I'd have to establish new 'guidelines' do I?

    Any suggestions on what I should cover in this second interview would be greatly appreciated!
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    evgreen is offline Registered User
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    Tai Tam

    in response to elle, these are obviously cultural differences and no one's right or wrong. from my own experience though, helpers in hong kong do expect to answer these types of question in an interview. i only feel that it's important (and many employers feel the same) because distractions back home can affect their performance dramatically on the job and whether or not they would consider staying in hong kong to work for a longer period of time. a helper who does not have sufficient support back home from family (especially when children are involved) is not as likely to be a dependable employee. it's not a determining factor, but it can throw up some red flags if you're planning to sponsor a 2-year visa for someone living in your home.

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    Zoska is offline Registered User
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    Thank you girls all the tips are very helpfull. It give me lots of questions and ideas what to ask. I m going to write it all down and work on a questionare.

    I agree that blog from Singapur is appoling, I cannot believe you can treet another humanbeing this way!

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