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Kindergartens / Preschools / Nurseries etc Hung Hom or Kowloon

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    hung hom

    Kindergartens / Preschools / Nurseries etc Hung Hom or Kowloon


    We are new to HK and have moved here with our 18mo son. We will be getting a helper very soon but I am really keen for him to go to a decent nursery for a couple of mornings a week soon, too.

    We are at Harbour Front in Hung Hom and from what I can gather our main choices seem to be: William, Deborah, Caitline, Garden House or Learning Habitat. Can anyone offer any advice as to these or give any other recommendations because I'm going round in circles at the moment!

    Thanks so much :)

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    There is also Anfield at Hung Hom.

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    I would second Anfield International Kindergarten too. They are in a place called Laguna Verde, not too far from harbour front. At 18 months though he might only be suitable for a saturday playgroup class or if you are lucky they may squeeze him into one of the nursery classes although the year has begun already. They are a full 5 day week mornings though, not just 2/3 days a week. Hope that helps.

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