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Any advice/hot tips for delivery at Queen Mary Hospital?

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    yes, I did wake up after GA, but i was REALLY groggy for about 24 hours... couldn't keep my eyes open at all... i remember hubby visiting and my talking to him with my eyes shut before i could finish a sentence,i'd start to doze a little, then wake up and finish the sentence! LOL! it took so long to see the baby because i had to make my way to the special care unit (where she was... she was technically premature)... i just couldn't do it on my own, and on the night of the day that i delivered, i just was too out of it to do anything else.
    it meant that she had formula for the first 24 hours of her life, but she took to breastfeeding immediately, once she was rooming in with me instead of in the special care unit.

    they start the c-sections as early as 8 or 9am. i was #3 on the list for delivery that day and i was in by 11am.

    take some magazines, a good book.... a personal dvd player (with headphones)... anything you like the day before.
    also take some menus from soho delivers or something like that so that you can order food to be delivered to the hospital.

    i took my computer (but i was there for weeks on end).

    after a c-section, they usually release you between 3-5 days. remember, day 1 is the day you deliver....

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