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Helath care in HK

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    Helath care in HK

    We moved to HK in July and since then none of us have needed to see a Dr. However, my son who is nearly 14 months old needs to get his immunisations done. He's up to date with his UK ones (until we left when he was 11 months old) so now he needs a bunch of other ones.

    How do I go about this here? Can I just rock up to any doctor?

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    depends, do you want to go privately and pay for them or would you be happy with the public system and get them for free?

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    hong kong

    Any pead would do... hk has schedule for immunizations (private is diff from public). they'd give whatever is missing and needs to be given. they will also update your records once done.

    alternatively - you can go to your neighbouring MCHC with the existing records. They would do the above at no fee. The first visit takes time because they register you etc - build in for a couple of hours. from there on it's smoother.

    private system has a few extra vaccinations. we went through that and got a jab extra from our paed.

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