I was wondering is someone can help here. I tried looking up on the HK Immig website but cannot find any information (or maybe I'm not looking in the right place). I know I will have to ring them up next week, but was hoping to get some information before that.

My Filipino helper has a current helper visa which will finish in Aug 2012. Her passport expires in April 2012. We plan to send her back to the Philippines for a break over Christmas this year. She was planning to renew her passport in Jan 2012 when she gets back from her break. She tells me that the Phillipines consulate here in HK takes 4 months to renew a passport.

Two questions:
1. Will HK Immigration let her enter back into HK when she has about 3 months left before her passport expires ?
2. Does she need to transfer her current helper visa from ehr old passport to her new passport ?

Thanks for nay help.