I wonder if anyone can tell me how to best proceed. We have a great helper that we hired through an agency in China (she is filipina), we live in Shenzhen. When we hired her, I didn't realize that it really wasn't legal, I assumed it was ok, because we were using an agency, blah blah blah (so naive, I know) Anyway, I recently thought that as HK residents, why couldn't we hire her as a domestic helper in Hk. It's getting increasingly difficult to get a long term (1Yr) china visa, and the process is very sketchy. Is it true that you must go through an agency in HK to hire a helper? What are the fees involved? Since I already have the helper identified, could I just go around the whole agency process? I'm wondering if she had a HK DH contract status, it would make things a little easier for her to cross the border. I hope this makes sense, any help is appreciated.