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Solid to Introduce to 6 months baby

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    hmmm.. thanks for the info. i've never heard of that!

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    banane76 is offline Registered User
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    We bought the book by Gill Rapley. I will start my little one when he turns 6 months also. We did the traditional rice cereal and purees with my first, but I started hearing about Baby Led Weaning and it sounds great and much easier. Glad to hear that it's working for other people. I'm really excited!

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    mavislohsp is offline Registered User
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    Hmmm, baby led weaning sounds interesting! I am definitely will go through the website. Is there anyone else out there is using baby led weaning? Can share your experience here with us? Thanks!

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    Thanka - just because there's no family history of allergy and because your first one was ok doesn't mean your 2nd one will be too. My 2nd daughter is allergic to dairy and to goats milk as well, even though we have no family history of allergies on either side and my 1st was fine. I'm not saying don't add a new food every day - but for those ones which kids are commonly allergic to, it's probably wise still to be cautious, even though there are no red-flags.

    And about baby-led weaning, it's not so much feeding your kids "chunky food" but giving them food that they can hold onto and suck on, then gnaw on etc. When I weaned my kids, I used a variety of pureed foods, along with the kind of foods that are suitable for baby led weaning. My personal favourites for that were sticks of toast, florets of broccoli, and softly cooked carrot sticks.

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    we started with purees but didnt last long. both kids dun like them. for my daughter, we gave strips, cubes of steamed veg, fruits, fish, meats, cheesy toasts, blue berries, peas, cheerios, bolied pastas, strings of spaghetti and rice noodles, ... sometimes, we make dips like pureed pumpkins, avocado and banana, cheese and yogurts, and dip steamed food for her to feed. seriously messy but she prefers it that way. it is also easier to plan and buy food as a family. no wastage, no hoarding of freezer space. we just boil/ steam whatever we r eating for the day for her.

    both hates porridge!

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    I started by baby around 6 months on mashed up/pureed boiled rice (which he didn't really like) and then after a couple of days tried pureed fruit and veggies (apples - constipated him, bananas - ditto, pears - loved them, potato - indifferent, sweet potato - so so, spinach - not a fan). From what I read, the general advice was introduce a new food every four days, so if there's a allergic reaction, you know for sure what caused it. But since my son seemed to be taking to most things peacefully (with varying appetite), we shortened to a couple of days and finally just did a different one a day. We also bought a cereal that could be mixed with milk or water, which my son really liked - he liked the wheat one and the fish/carrot one. He's now 9 months and my helper has started adding some steamed fish/chicken to rice and the consistency is thicker.

    I have on and off tried giving my son soft fruit to chew on but ends up taking big bites and then gagging. So I've decided to just wait till he has teeth.

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    have posted about Baby led weaning previously and echo all other comments that it is great; i also found out about it in the UK and used it for my second child, saves lots of work pureeing and they can basically eat versions of what the rest of the family is eating. Was very easy especially when going out- wish I had used it with the first. Previous websites recommended are great sources of info.

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    I did a mixture of both baby led weaning and purees for my daughter. I loved Anabel Karmel recipes and I still use some of them now, just more grown up versions.

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