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Solid to Introduce to 6 months baby

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolejoy View Post
    Thanka - just because there's no family history of allergy and because your first one was ok doesn't mean your 2nd one will be too. My 2nd daughter is allergic to dairy and to goats milk as well, even though we have no family history of allergies on either side and my 1st was fine. I'm not saying don't add a new food every day - but for those ones which kids are commonly allergic to, it's probably wise still to be cautious, even though there are no red-flags.

    And about baby-led weaning, it's not so much feeding your kids "chunky food" but giving them food that they can hold onto and suck on, then gnaw on etc. When I weaned my kids, I used a variety of pureed foods, along with the kind of foods that are suitable for baby led weaning. My personal favourites for that were sticks of toast, florets of broccoli, and softly cooked carrot sticks.
    Yes, I get that but we're not starting our daughter off with dairy products and nuts. She should be okay with veggies, I think and if an allergy pops up we'll deal with it, I'm sure. That's why we're not going to do the "try it and wait 2-3 days" technique--just going to introduce new stuff every day--in the afternoon. I figure if she hasn't had a reaction by bedtime, things should be okay. ;) And to be really unorthodox, my mom was feeding my son peanut butter sandwiches when he was like 10-months-old. She didn't tell me and then was like, "Yeah, so I fed him a PB&J sandwich." I was like, "WHAT?!" But, he loved it and to this day has never been bothered by them. He also eats other nuts without any problem. But, I wouldn't say we consume these on a very constant basis.

    We gave my daughter a couple of orange slices this past weekend and she really enjoyed gumming/chewing all the juice out of those. So far no problems.
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    My son started eating rice porridge once a day at 3 months and at 4 months was eating the jars of organix puree foods.
    He started teething at 5 months, so we gave him pieces of beef big enough to suck and chew on but too big to swallow, and he absolutely loved it.
    Since then everytime we make dinner we will also make some vegetables for him to eat himself, mainly carrots, cauliflower, brocolli, sweet potato. This makes things a lot easier for us at dinnertimes as it keeps him busy while we eat!
    We try to feed him salmon at least 3 times a week, and have found he prefers it mashed together with the purple sweet potatoes.
    We've been trying to feed him as many different things as we can, peanut butter, yoghurt etc.. There is a school of thought that many allergies are actually caused by a child not having any early contact with those things which they become allergic to... and if that fails we're luckily only 2 mins away from the hospital!

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