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What to pack in our container?

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    Depends on where you are coming from. If you're coming from the states then everything here in Hong Kong is more expensive! Canada or the UK then maybe not so much. I would bring as many clothes, toys, DEFINITELY your stroller and clothes for yourself as well as you can pack. What I'm finding is there is either incredibly expensive clothes here or cheap pieces of c$-p with very little selection in between, say along the lines of Target or Carters brand clothing, for the kids. Which if you're like me I prefer not to spend to much on kids clothes they're only going to out grow in a few months.

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    One more thing - if your shoe size is 40 or 41 I strongly suggest you bring shoes for yourself - the same goes for clothes if you are tall.

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    US sizes, that would be over size 8ish

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    Before you bring all your furniture, it would be helpful to know how big your place is going to be and whether sofas, beds, etc will fit in the lift or up the stairs. (Will cost you extra is furniture needs to be carried up the stairs. It is charged by the floor for each item.) If your flat is going to be small, furniture from a house might not fit well. And if it doesn't fit or you end up with too much, then you will either need to sell it or pay for storage.

    We bring back all kinds of stuff every time we go to Canada that is either not available here or really expensive. Recent purchases have included vitamins, large bottles of Aveeno moisturizer, children's medicine in melt-away form (no need to chew), antibiotic creams like Polysporin as they are not available here without prescription.

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    Thank you so much for all the responses. My husband is heading to HK for the month of October and I am compiling a list of items from your comments for him to look for (availability and price) so we can compare. I will be over for a week in November to check out apartments so we can get a better idea as far as space and how much of our furniture to bring.

    Thanks again for the help! Hope everyone is having a good week.

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