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Clomid & baby Aspirin

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    Clomid & baby Aspirin

    Hi, I keep seeing people referring to starting to take baby aspirin with Clomid...How does it work?

    When do u start to take the baby aspirin ? Do you take it while your got your PMS too? And for how long? Just while you TTC or throughout the pregnancy?

    Hopefully someone can advise...

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    I have never had Clomid so cannot help with taking baby aspirin while taking Clomid - that is not something I have ever heard of. II am not sure what the connection would be at all? I know a few people who have used Clomid (in UK and Australia, not HK) and neither of them took baby aspirin.
    I did have to take baby aspirin when I was pregnant though. This was because i have had a couple of episodes of DVT but no known blood clotting disorder; so although i had wafarin for 6 months after each DVT i don't have any ongoing treatment for it. I have also had 4 miscarriages and it was thought there might be some connection. Maybe that is the reason for taking baby aspirin with Clomid?ie to try and reduce the risk of miscarriage? My first pregnancy I started to take it at 14 weeks (in Australia) and second pregnancy took it from the moment i found out I was pregnant (UK recommendation). Both times I stopped taking it at 36 weeks. I had healthy pregnancies and births/babies.

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