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Helper and basic hygiene

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    Sorry typo...

    @ yvonnewyw, if this is really the case you need to hire a new helper. You shouldn't need to try top keep your helper HAPPY to prevent some sort of petty revenge. Believe me, when you get the right helper, you won't need to tiptoe and feign your emotions around her!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yvonnewyw View Post
    I guess I'm afraid to confront my helper about hygiene issues because although I take care of my baby myself, I still very much rely on her to do the cleaning and cooking for my baby, and she can easily do creepy things if she feels I have offended her. I also freaked out when I saw my helper cleaned the mop in our kitchen sink, is that where they clean the mop in their country? and I can go on and on with similar anecdotes.
    For my baby's sake, I try to keep my helper happy, i smile at her even when I'm mad like a cow with her. it's sad, but this seems to be the only way for us...
    Many of my HK relatives presume that Filipina maids have some sort of evil / vengeful agenda to punish or harm them. I have no idea why -- maybe too many fearmongering stories in the local press. I think HK Chinese presume the worst intentions first. They will jump to conclusions that the helper is stealing, cheating, or harming.

    But, in these cases, I think it's just ignorance. Why do you assume that your helper cleans the mop in the sink to harm you? Probably she just doesn't know. Yes, maybe that is the way things are done in their country. Have you traveled much to the poorer parts of Southeast Asia? There are many households without clean running water yet, much less multiple sinks.

    My helper has hygiene issues, but I don't sense any malice. Once I told her to wash her hands, she did. As for the fingernails, gross as it is, I don't think she was sneaking around trying to dirty my food! The fact that she did it casually while standing right in front of me makes me think that she thinks this is normal behavior. On Monday I will tell her it's not acceptable, and I'm sure she will stop.

    Why don't you just tell your helper how you want things done? Do you have any PROOF that she would do "creepy things" on purpose out of spite? Why can't you just say "please clean the mop in another place?" I think pretending to smile while you're mad is a really bad way to live.

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