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Part Time Helper - Recommendation - Causeway Bay

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    bennettfamily is offline Registered User
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    causeway bay

    Part Time Helper - Recommendation - Causeway Bay

    Dear All,

    Please can anyone suggest a part time helper for general household work and helping my wife looking after our 4 month old. We had originally hired a full time helper but our place is not that big so we felt a bit confined with all of us in the flat. We did not have a good experience with this dh as within 2 weeks she had already been late twice, 2 hours each time and was generally not turst worthy with bad attitude. At this time our baby was newborn and so this really put us off having a dh but now we would like to try again
    So please can you help as my wife could really do with the help but we would like a recommendation due to our bad expereinces so far.

    Thank you


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    Zimian is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2011
    Hong Kong

    Try this agency- Caritas - tel no. 2887 8796, email: [email protected]
    I use a part time cleaner with them and have had good experience. You pay a little more for part-time helper but I think it's worth it as they don't have to live with you, space is such an issue in HK!

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    hanoimom is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2011

    We recently had this part-time helper working for us as we waited for our full-time helper. She can cook Chinese meals and did great with cleaning and ironing. i mostly appreciated that she was on time. If something delayed her, she'd text me. I have three kids, youngest is 13months. She didn't seem too interested in the baby but was certainly helpful with him when I asked her. I appreciated this because taking care of the kids is my domain and she freed me up to do that by helping me with cooking dinner and doing the dishes. I asked her to stay till 7pm in order to do the after dinner mess!

    Her name is Gena. Her number is 9401 7436. She's currently working part-time for a friend of ours but is available Tues, Thurs, and Sat. She lives in HoManTin but can travel throughout HK.

    Hope you find someone.

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    sansaneveritt is offline Registered User
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    hanoimom- is the part-time dh a chinese lady? and how much
    does she charge? did you stop hiring her?

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