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short luteal phase?

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    short luteal phase?

    My hubby and I have been trying for over a year to get pregnant. My first two daughters were conceived rather quickly (first cycle of trying for both), so this has really thrown us for a loop. I started charting my cycle last month, and it turns out I have a short luteal phase, only 9 days in a 30 day cycle. Since this was the first month of charting, I don't know if that is a normal thing for me and if that's why I haven't been able to conceive. I plan to keep charting for at least a couple more months before going to see a doctor.

    My question is, have any of you ever dealt with this, and is there any way I can fix it without having to go to a doctor and getting progesterone shots? I've read about taking a B6 vitamin, or a B complex vitamin, and also changing my diet to a healthier one. Is that all it takes? really?

    Any input or advice is greatly appreciated.

    All the best,

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    I did take some B complex with B6, and my luteal phase did get few days longer. You might try it to see if it works go you.

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    Hi Katie. Personally I don't think a healthy diet makes a difference. I also had a very short luteal phase - I would start menstruating sometimes just 6 days after ovulation - but I ate very well and was fit also. I actually ended up having IVF but thinking about it, I don't think my doctor really investigated the problem properly. I did tell him about it but I was put on to IUI and then IVF quite quickly. We had been trying for years, and I was sick of charting my cycle and trying 100 things, so I just went with it.

    Now we are trying for another. Next month I will have a frozen embryo transfer of my last remaining embryo - poor quality so unlikely to succeed. Anyway, after that I will start trying naturally again before we consider resorting to IVF.
    I will be talking to my doctor in depth about the problem so I'll let you know what he says and what his suggested solutions are.

    Do let me know anything else you find out too!

    Good tip on B vitamins. I'll try that too.

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    short lutela phase

    I know as we get older and our eggs age, the pre-ovulatory phase can extend beyond 18 days which can be indicative of poor egg quality (if the second part of the cycle is short). This then directly affects the post ovulatory phase and as a consequence it appears short. I recall when I was studying that ovaultion after day 18 with a short luteal phase can result in miscarriage in as many as 80% of women?
    It might be worth getting some pre and post ovulatory bloods carried out. Some doctors use progetserone pessaries to extend the luteal phase and support implantation. Vitamin B6 supports healthy progesterone production so yes, it can help extend the luteal phase in some women.
    Good luck.

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