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    I'm looking for a babysitter to help out on Sundays and public holidays when our helper is not here.
    Right now, this babysitter would just be an extra pair of hands, since I'm a SAHM now and would be home with him / her. She's still only 2 months and so spends most of her time breastfeeding or sleeping. I just want someone to watch the baby while I eat or nap or take a shower, maybe change a few diapers or take the stroller down to the local park.
    Later on, when I go back to work, I will need someone more seriously on Sundays / PHs since I work odd hours -- but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

    I contacted Rent-a-Mum and they said they couldn't help me. Basically, they either offer expensive, full-time professionally qualified nannies / maternity nurses, which is too much for us. Or, they offer casual babysitting, but for older kids.

    My background is HK Chinese, but I grew up in the States, where most teen girls did babysitting. I did, too, and took care of babies starting when I was 16. I know HK is different.

    Where would I find casual help like this? I though of all my extended family, but it would be too weird to ask them. Parents don't encourage their kids to do PT work, preferring to send them to tutors constantly. Whereas, if I ask an aunt or someone, it would feel like some sort of awkward obligation, I wouldn't know what to do about pay, etc.

    Any suggestions?

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    If you go through some of the posts from last month, there was a girl who studying at uni or something (but permanent resident so legal) who posted that she was looking for work like this.

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    I used to hire a girl who babysat my daughter. She charges $80/hr + $50 transportation. I can send you her info.
    You can also try
    They have local nannies charge by the hour (3 hours minimum) or by month.

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    I heard them can charge 2 hours minimum as I enquired before. You have a look of their website

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