Hi maternitynurse, lesliefu, erina320 and thanka2 & carey,

first of all, thanks carey for sharing the link to baby center. The sleep training describe in the link is so much better than any book out there ( my personally view). ever since I sleep train him, understand his cues and his cry, he started to improved his night time sleep and slowly follow by his nap. At least he is willing to nap nowadays, which I am happy that he shows improvement. Although he don't sleep that easily, ( quiet, white noise)and if I don't go according to the routine and bring his to sleep, he will continue playing non-stop! A lot says that when baby is tired they will sleep, I am glad that they have a good sleeper but for mine, I think he is someone like thanka2 describe, spirited baby, he won't want to miss a single thing that happens around him.

There are time where he still refused to nap but he will just keep playing in his cot, compared to before, fussing and crying lots. I tried co-sleeping before however it didnt work for us, cos he end up constantly looking for my breast and his sleep is disturbed whenever we move or turn.

Anyway, I have started to see lights and shall keep trying to make things better for both of us, if anyone out there are having the same problems, I recommand trying to sleep train your baby, this is what working for us.

Thanks everyone for your helpful tips and concern, thank you! :)