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Ocean Park at Halloween

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    Ocean Park at Halloween

    I know that OP has that "halloween bash" during Halloween after 5:30pm, but is the regular park any different in the day time? I was thinking of taking my 3 year old one morning for a couple of hours only but don't really want to if there is a lot of "scary stuff" around. It would be around 10am to noon or so only... would love to hear from someone who has been recently?? Thanks!!

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    I took my almost 5 year old there earlier this week. There is some scary stuff like figures of people being beheaded, but most of it was not too scary. Some of the scarier stuff is hanging up so it was not so much in my son's line of sight. My son (who is usually a scaredy cat) was okay with it, although he asked why those statues were bleeding, etc. I mainly hurried him past anything scary looking. We were only at the park for a few hours as well and stayed in the lower (entrance) level with the kiddie area and aquacity. There was a specially set up kiddie's haunted house which was quite well done, but my son was scared and went running out of it!

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