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Matilda & waiting list

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    Matilda & waiting list

    I have been on a waiting list for a while but heard that you usualy get confirmed sooner or later! However I wonder if anyone has been on a waiting list and did not get confirmed? Also if you got confirmed how far along were you?

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    trttrt is offline Registered User
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    Hi I didn't wait long to be confirmed. In fact, I got confirmation almost the following week I sent in my application thru the doc's clinic. I saw him on a Thursday and the next week I think Tuesday I got a call from the clinic that there is a spot and I have to pay the deposit within two weeks. I think it does matter your doctor's relationship with the hospital? I am not entirely sure... I got a spot in Matilda and Adventist very quickly and so was quite surprised to hear people getting stressed about the waitlist.FYI, I saw Dr Alex Doo in my week 22. in any case, I decided to go public for this delivery cos I read decent reviews on QMH. But so far my experience with the public system hasn't been great. I just hope everything falls well eventually because if it doesn't, I am gonna get an earful from my hb who has been persuading me to go private. Good luck and I sure hope you get your spot very soon! If not mayb you can see Dr Doo? ;)

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    We applied to Matilda at 9 weeks, waited 4 weeks then got denied.

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    A lot depends on your doctor and her/ his relationship with the hospital. I know people who were waitlisted between 5-8 weeks and were confirmed between 10 and 35 weeks, so there really is a huge range.

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