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Fairy Party - comments and ideas pls!

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    Fairy Party - comments and ideas pls!

    Hello there

    i'm in the midst of planning for my girl's birthday and the theme is gonna be fairy. Anyone knows where to get fairy party supplies?

    also, what should i do with the boys? i'm thinking either elves or wizards but have no idea to give as party favors but STILL in line with the theme (fairies, elves and everything magical)

    the party is gonna be on 1st Jan and frankly, i am worried her classmates (half of which are caucasians) will not be around or worse, parents having hangovers due to the new year's eve celebration the night before!

    any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Simply Love in LKF (I know, odd location, but lovely shop) has supplies for all sorts of themed parties - easily the best selection I have seen in HK. Not the cheapest, but not over the top expensive and definitely beautiful.

    For the date, my advice would be consider moving the party to the next weekend (as a Western expat and knowing my friends, this is what I would do, not just because of New Years (and the potential for hung over parents) but more because most of my friends and their families go on short holidays between Christmas and the new year so not many people would even be around. Also consider that New Years is traditionally a family-oriented day back home and even if they don't go on holiday, some expat families may chose to spend the day together. If moving the date isn't possible, try to schedule the party mid-late afternoon.

    You could also talk to the parents of kids in your class to try and get an idea of how many will be going away for the holidays.

    For the boys, consider an elves or dragons theme.

    Good luck, sounds like a lovely party to be planning.

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    here's a cute company i've come across if you're looking for an princess/fairy outfit for your daughter and/or party favors for the girls!

    Look 'Pretty as a Princess' wearing *AQ PRETTINESS* ~ Deluxe pettiskirts, bloomers, dresses, lace rompers, mix n match accessories & fun foldable bags

    have fun!

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