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anyone not sending their 2 yr olds to pre-nursery? please shed some light

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    For me I think it is great daughter has a language delay and the exposure at school has helped her a great deal-learning from peers is much better than learning from me and my helper.

    Another pro for us is that we do not have to worry about applying to K1 for her as she can just go through the system now...there are fewer places at K1 so for us it would just seem to make more sense (especially since she is ready for school- does help that she is in am class though I must admit....when she was in pm class it took a while for her to adjust to napping at a different time, etc)

    Cons would be the school fee and if your child is not ready for daily school...I know some schools offer classes only 2-3days a week so that could be an option.

    I've three kids, the oldest one being in pre-nursery, so it is nice to have the extra 4hrs in the am to spend with the younger two daughter rides the school bus, which is very convenient for me friends were shocked when I told them my daughter took the school bus...but, why not? Saves me a lot of time and she knows now to put on her seatbelt whenever she is in a car/taxi....another pro!

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    2mums is offline Registered User
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    so does everyone think send 3 to kindy is very necessary ? I heard some kids as young as 3 travel more than 30 minutes per day by school bus to a kindy. is this good for kids development or simple nature space is more important for young kids?

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    charade is offline Registered User
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    Kindy is not compulsory in HK so it's totally up to the parents. Many parents would send their kids to kindy for similar reasons to the ones described above for pre-nursery. With kindy, the added factor to think about is getting into primary school. Since many kindies are linked to primary schools, parents feel their children have a better chance getting into that school and hence choose to send their kid to kindy. I am not keen on pre-nursery for my son but will apply for kindy because of the primary-school thing, plus I think it might be easier to ease him into structured school by going to kindy first. Where you send you kid is also up to you and of course, whether your kid gets into a kindy near your home. I would choose an average/decent kindy near my home over the best schools that would involve travel. Other parents feel its important for their kid to go to the best school even if it involves travel. If you're renting you can also opt to shift house to be closer to your kids school, especially if you want your kid to be in primary school in the place.

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    When my daughter started nursery at age 2, it was primarily because I was up at the NICU every afternoon with her sister and I figured that she might as well be in school rather than sitting at home with my helper. I figured if she didn't settle in, I could always take her out after a couple of months with nothing lost. She loved school and has been happily going ever since. I think that Thanka did a good job of summing up many of the pros and cons of the issue - but I just want to add, your child's personality plays a large part in how good it will be for them. With my 2nd daughter, I'm undecided about when she will go to school as she does not have the same independent, confident personality as my first - she's much more clingy and quiet. On one hand, I think maybe she needs more time at home - but then on the other hand, she possibly could benefit even more by having to go to school... I'm still undecided on that one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2mums View Post
    so does everyone think send 3 to kindy is very necessary ? I heard some kids as young as 3 travel more than 30 minutes per day by school bus to a kindy. is this good for kids development or simple nature space is more important for young kids?
    My son was traveling about 30-45 minutes on a bus to kindergarten in the mornings when he was 2-years, 10-months-old.  He did and does love it. Why? All of his buddies are on the bus with him and he gets to look out the window and see everything as it goes by. Kids aren't like adults. They like riding in vehicles sometimes--I guess it's because we don't have a car so riding in a vehicle (especially taxis) is one of his favorite things to do. At school he plays outside on a playground so he actually gets more exposure to "nature" than he can have at our house because we don't have a garden/yard. I think the biggest concerns, as mentioned above are 1) is your child ready for such a schedule--some children aren't 2) are you ready for such a schedule. It also depends on if the child likes the school and it's a safe and positive environment--some are, some aren't.
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    I have three kids. Eldest one started at playgroup when she started crawling and then went in three times a week. She's now almost 6-yrs old and in P2. My second one just turned 3 yrs old and I have opted not to go to school yet. He will most likely start Sept 2012, just before he turns 4 yrs old. I personally think school is over-rated, maybe its because of how commercialised it is in HK.

    My son goes to the park quite a bit and the weather has been fab lately. He takes soccer class, baby gym class, is learning French, has a Chinese nanny looking after him so he's fluent in Mandarin and has weekly Montessori lessons at home one-on-one. He does a lot more then someone at school and gets to run around at the parks when there is nobody there. School has its benefits, but its really up to you as the you know best for your child. Its great for social skills, but if there are siblings at home...there's enough socialisation!

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    sansaneveritt is offline Registered User
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    josoo-where did u find yr chinese nanny- its great yr son is learning so much including mandarin-u make it sound so easy!!

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    yvonnewyw is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2010
    Kowloon Tong

    Thanks for the useful comments!! I can now think about it from different perspectives.

    josee, I also want to know where you got your chinese nanny, and where your son is learning french. I am also thinking about sending my daughter to french class.

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