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anyone not sending their 2 yr olds to pre-nursery? please shed some light

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    yvonnewyw is offline Registered User
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    anyone not sending their 2 yr olds to pre-nursery? please shed some light

    I'm debating whether or not to send my girl to pre-nursery next sept. I'd like to hear pros and cons, any comments?

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    Biggie is offline Registered User
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    Big pro: you got a couple hours to yourself! Gym, coffee, errands, manicure etc
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    one hand: u have more time for your own thing.

    on the other hand: u wont know much about what is happening in the school
    they may be too young to be cared by others, mentally

    physically it is very challenge for kids and if morning/afternoon session is not fit into your normal schedule, kids can get very tired.
    prepare to take them back from time to time as they are easily get sick in kindy.

    I have sent my one but I am thinking withdrawn now. It is very tired for kids although he seems very happy to go to school.

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    I am not sending my 2 year old to pre nursery untill he is 2.5 and then only a couple of mornings a week. Pros are as Biggie said if you are a SAHM(depending on if you have other younger children or not!). I am a SAHM, but moved here with 2 kids and i have a helper so I already have loads more flexibility than when living in Australia where we had no family in the same state so this was not a huge issue for me. In Australia I started my older child at a similar thing 1-2 mornings a week as her brother had just been born so it gave me some time with him and her some big girl time and it seemed to work well. The other issue i have found here is because so many 2 year olds do go to pre nursery it gets harder to find playdates or activities with a similar age group - classes tend to have 18mt - 2 year olds rather than 2.5 year olds. But really for me the time when they are little goes so fast i don't want them to grow up too quickly! And I want them both to be ready to be away from me happily - but that is a very personal thing and also depends on the kids themselves, so may be very different for others.
    Re socialisation etc you can do that just as well yourself via playdates, playgroups and other activities (with the caveat above) and personally i find in HK they are often focussed in pre nursery (to varying degrees depending on the particular kindy and teachers) on getting the kids to be compliant to a fairly structured class, which is not my thing at this age, but I know some people love it. So it is worth checking out a few as that may help you decide whether or not it works for you and your little one. HTH

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    Also meant to say if I was working I would definitely use it as it would be easier for the helper and the child, so that is another consideration

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    neither of my kids went to pre-nursery. the kindergarten we chose didn't offer it. if they had, i probably would not have sent my son, but i would have sent my daughter. my kids were born in february, so they missed the cut off to start when they were 2.8. instead they both started when they were 3.7.

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    My son goes two mornings per week, at the moment he's accompanied and at around two years four months he'll start doing those two mornings unaccompanied, same teacher and classroom so he should be accustomed to it by then. He really enjoys it, it's only a couple of hours but it's structured with regular moves between one activity and another, circle time, craft, play, snack and he seems to thrive of the routine and focusses well on each activity.

    To me it feels like a good way to ease him into a structured day and most importantly he enjoys it. If I worked I'd probably be sending him for more days but it does depend on the personality of the child.

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    I sent my 4-year-old to nursery school when he was 2-years-old and he had a great experience there.


    -social development for your child--where we live there aren't really any small children and my son is very social and gets bored easily so for him it was like fun and games every day

    -exposure to different types of children--in my son's nursery school there was a program for disabled children as well and I thought it was a great experience for my son to be around children of different backgrounds and ability level--taught him a lot of great empathy skills, actually

    -gets exposed to lots of illnesses early which builds his immune system so when he starts kindergarten (assuming you'll send him to kindergarten) he won't get sick as often--my son very rarely gets ill even when kids in his school are coming down with chicken pox and hand/mouth disease

    -helps set a nice schedule for the family which I found helped with a lot of things like 1) potty training (my son was potty trained at 2-years-old) 2) nighttime sleep (he had such great full days that he slept like a rock for 12 hours at night which meant we all got fantastic sleep) 3) naptime sleep (again, my son took great naps in the afternoon after school) 4) appetite and eating (because he was having snacks at school he was exposed to different healthy foods in a social context which kind of gave him peer pressure to eat his veggies and fruits because the other kids were doing it and it was "cool")

    -academic development--this wasn't our top priority but it is still pretty cool that by 2.5 my son knew his alphabet and could write some simple characters


    -gets exposed to lots of illnesses early so most definitely will be ill semi-frequently--for us, this meant that our son got sick probably about once a month where he needed to be kept at home for 1-2 days to recover--nothing major--just a fever, cough, runny nose or maybe once in awhile tummy problems

    -cost--it wasn't really a big deal for us because of the type of school my son attended but this might be a factor
    -having to arrange your schedule around schooling--again, this wasn't an issue for us but I can see this might be a problem

    -high expectations of the school/pressure--never had this problem either because we purposely chose a school that was laid-back and low-stress

    -not having your child at home all day--for us wasn't a problem as my son has been quite the traveler since he was an infant--he was staying over at his grandparents' house overnight when he was quite small and we've always held the opinion that a little break from each other on a regular basis was healthy for the whole family--including him--for us, 3 hours of nursery school didn't seem like a huge gap of time.

    For us, nursery school was a good decision. I think my son benefitted from the experience and he's a very happy and well-adjusted kindergartener now who is in love with study and enjoys his school life.

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