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Wet Market- Chicken & others?

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    i spent years on a farm and my father hunts (used to skin/cut the meat in our basement!)... what i don't like is what i said above.

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    I eat whatever food from anywhere. I figure, if you like any of the "local restaurants" it probably all comes from those kinds of places anyway right? And like HC said, MANY MANY people buy food from those places and if there was a problem, we should be sure to hear about it.

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    i buy food from the wet market. except for chicken, because that it's on level 3 of the market, and the escalators almost never works! (i know i know, im lazy)

    buying from the wet market is a way of life for me. i grew up in singapore, tagging along behind my mother to the wet markets to get food. i learnt that, it's the fresh produce (buying seasonal food as to buying imported), eating seasonal food saves our pocket, food packed in neighbourhood supermarkets are usually refrigerated longer, has a smell which i cannot stomach. i also notice the vegetable produce in these supermarkets are not as bright or fresh looking.

    places like citysuper and threesixty may have great, fresher, organic imported produce. i cannot afford them.

    do i fear if local wet market produce carry steriods/ hormone/ any other sort of poison? sometimes i think about it. but i also know that in hk, the government is also stringent in food and health checks. in fact, the chicken part at the wet market in aberdeen have been closed down a few times when they do not meet the checks.

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    I buy all my veggies at the wet markets cause it's more fresh and the variety is much beter than the super markets. As for meats, i buy at the super markets only because I don't want to store so much meat and just buy as needed and the market would be a trek just for a little beef. Chicken on the other hand I always buy at the market cause I prefer Frey chicken just because it tastes better when making soup or soya sauce chicken...if I make stews then the chicken can be from the supermarket ....kind of picky I guess but I believe in th hong kong govnt....they've been pretty consistent about stamping out the "bad" foods.

    I am nit a firm believer if organic food as there have been cases of "poison" too....lettuce in the states, the cucumbers in Europe somewhere...for me as long I am not obsessive over any particular food type then I am relatively safe.

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    I buy veg, fruits, and chicken (no meats) from wet markets. According to the chicken lady, there is one type of chicken called "ka mei" chicken (嘉美雞) that is developed by HKU which is suppose to be hormone free; I have been buying this type since I got preg. It's about the same price as other chickens. I think you can also get these local kamei chickens from local supermarkets though I find them to taste not as good as from my chicken lady.
    If you are concerned about hormones in chickens, citysuper also carries hormone free australian chickens and organic US chickens.

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