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Delivery at QEH

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    Delivery at QEH

    Hi All,
    I was wanting to get some more recent info on delivering at QEH. This will be my 3rd baby (but 1st in HK) and I was hoping it will not be a problem to have an epidural? I had epidurals with my first two babies and the experience was great.
    I have been trawling the threads but can't seem to find any info on the actual visiting hours at QEH in the maternity ward. I have seen mention thet the hours are quite limited, is this true?
    I am going private with my ante-natal care & my ob-gyn said I can't check out when I want, that I have to stay the full 3 days. So then the question begs what is the ward like? Is the food decent or do people get food delivered in?
    Thanks for all/any info you can provide.

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    Visiting hours here

    I'm not aware that the hospital forces you to stay for 3 days. I recall my wife was allowed to leave on the 2nd day, but we requested to stay an additional day because she was still feeling pain.

    My wife and I found the ward to be ok. 6 beds per ward. Certainly nothing like the hotel-level service that you'll find in private hospital wards. But you are looking at $100/day. So do manage your expectations.

    Food is pretty terrible. It's very bland. Everything is boiled or steamed. Portions are small, as well.

    No food delivery allowed. So it's highly recommended that you have family bring extra food for you during the noon and evening visiting hours.

    Also, they don't allow you to use the hospital's electrical sockets.

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    i agree with Jay Jay. you dont need to stay for three days. as soon the baby is fine, you can leave the hospital.. the food is "unusual" for expats.. but i know husbands which were able to bring "pizza" in for lunch and dinner..
    but even if the hospitals are not "hotel - like" the safety standard is good...

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