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Infant massage

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    Infant massage


    Has anyone been to a mother/infant massage class? Any to recommend please?


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    I did the 'A Mother's Touch' class - 4 weekly sessions for $1500. Whilst I enjoyed it, and the baby did a bit too, I personally felt, reflecting once the course was over, that it was a hell of a lot of money for what it was. Basically a hand book of instructions and a mat and some oil to use at home, then session one learn how to massage legs (10 mins), session 2 go back over the legs and learn tummy massage (additional 5 mins), session 3 - repeat 1 and 2, learn arms and chest, session 4 - repeat 1-3 and learn face and back. In total it could easily have been completed in one session, in an hour.

    All being said though, I did enjoy it and am glad I have done it. I think the idea of going to a group though is possibly to meet other mums and babies - you could easily search on you tube for the routines to follow without the cost.

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    Wink Baby Massage Cost

    Dear all,

    It is for sure a consistent financial investment to join a full Infant Massage course.

    As a Certified Instructor myself, I would like to mention some of the following point:
    -Joining a group is giving your baby a chance to experience his/her (maybe) first social interactions with other infants (aged from 0 to 12 months old).
    -Having an instructor does give you a chance to review positions as well as asking freely questions related to the massage routine.
    -Lastly, the investment might be consequent and at the same time, the tool you get is for a LIFETIME of bonding with your child.

    Many families with new parents, adopted babies, born prematures babies, special needs infants have been helped through the International Association of Infant Massage. I doubt could do as much.

    Enjoy the Infant Massage Course,


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