Three years ago, my husband and I were told that we were infertile. It's a mix of male infertility and some manageable issues on my side. We did an IVF with Dr. Derek Lo and got pregnant with twins, whom we sadly lost at 25w1d. Then two FET, the last of which resulted in a gorgeous baby boy.
I had always complained about Dr. Lo's bedside manners but since he was getting the job done, I stuck with him. In September, we went back to him to have another child. His manners had gotten even worse. He was very rude, abrupt, telling me to stop asking so many questions (I was asking about side-effects) and I often left his office in tears. You know how hard fertility treatments are, so when you have your doctor tell you not get your hopes up at each appointment, it makes it very difficult. I had to fight to stay positive despite his negativism. The first IVF failed, then the FET failed as well. So we went to see him for his input on the reasons of the failures.

That's where it gets interesting: according to him, the quality of the eggs and therefore, of the embryos was very bad and that's why nothing worked. Now, why in the world did he do the retrieval and the transfers then?! He advised us to "rest" until February since he was away for Xmas and CNY anyway. And in the meantime, we should eat organic and there was a good chance we would get pregnant naturally. What?! 6 years of infertility, 5 rounds of IVF/FET and the answer lays in organic food?!
Needless to say, we have changed doctors.