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Helper Agencies - Asiaxpat?

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    Helper Agencies - Asiaxpat?

    I might be moving to HK in January, and would need a helper almost immediately. I don't think I'd be able to wait 6-8 weeks to hire a foreign domestic helper, so I think I should be looking for one who has a recently finished her contract who is already in HK. Can anyone suggest any helper agencies? A lot of people have recommended Arrow, but they only have a few who are finished-contract helpers. Asiaexpat seems to have a lot of helpers listed - has anyone used them, and do you have any comments about working with them? Were you satisfied or dissatisfied with their services? Are there any other agencies out there that you would recommend? Thanks!

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    Hello, I just hired a part time helper through asiaexpat recently. Many helper called me, more than 20 in a week. Satisfaction depends on what's your requirement needed. You need to state what you need in the post. You can interview them by phone and if you feel you like it, you arrange to meet them in person for second evaluation. There will be no fixed contract. Just tell them you want to try their service first. Regards!

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    We went through Asiaexpat & our helper has been with us 6 months & we're happy with her so far.

    While they can help you with the paperwork, we only used their database of helpers to help us select who we want based on our criteria. We called each helper, told them our set-up (1 toddler, 1 newborn, primary task is western cooking, cleaning) & asked them if they are interested. We didn't want any time wasting so we wanted to whittle our list to those who are interested and we proceeded with the interview.

    You will find that some helpers have tweaked their profile to appeal to a broader range of prospective employers do when you interview them, best to give them scenarios so you can separate fact from fiction.

    Btw, we also went down the Arrow route but it wasn't for us. The service is great but online interviews with very slow broadband in the Philippines was a painful experience for us (every question had to be repeated twice, lots of 'can you hear me?' on both ends)

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