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Can anyone recommend a good PCOS Dr in Hong Kong?

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    Can anyone recommend a good PCOS Dr in Hong Kong?

    Hi everyone,
    I am 29 (almost 30) and have just been told by a dr in China (I am in Guangzhou), that I have PCOS (cysts + high testoserone). Can anyone recommend a good specialist for this in Hong Kong?

    I am thin and only started having PCOS symptoms after comming off the pill 10 months ago. Before that I used to have regular cycles and hormones were fine

    Any help would be appreciated as I would like to start TTC, but the doctors here in China have advised me not to because of the high testoserone...yet they dont seem to suggest anything except to go on BC again.....soo frustrating!=(


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    I went to see Dr Wing Bun Chan. He is an endocrinologist rather than a gynaecologist though. The reason I went to see him was that a gynaecologist had ruled out PCOS when I was having fertility problems because I had no cysts on my ovaries, but my sister was later diagnosed by an endocrinologist so I went to see one too. He did say, though, that you are better off seeing a specialist in whatever area of PCOS you have a concern with (i.e. endocrinologist for diabetes issues etc., gynae for reproduction). Have you considered seeing a fertility doctor? Treatments aren't always extreme. If it is primarily a problem with your cycle, I believe you can take some pills to regulate it.

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    I had pcos and saw reproduction specialist Dr. William So of premier medical centre. I fell pregnant 2-3 months after seeing him. He's very gentle and understanding. He's also very thorough and will answer all your questions and would never rush you through your appointment.
    His details & contact:

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