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Restaurants with baby play areas?

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    Restaurants with baby play areas?

    I'm trying to think of places (restaurants, coffee place) to meet up with a friend where we can sit down and our babies can have a little crawl around at the same time. They're 6 and 9 months old.
    Ikea in Mega box has a little mini play area within the restaurant that my baby had a nice time crawling around in, and I've heard that Cafe Deco on the Peak is good too though haven't checked it out. Is there anywhere in TST maybe like that at all?

    If anyone can suggest places they know of that would be good.


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    Both Southside so may be no good for you, but Tree cafe 28F Horizon Plaza Ap Lei Chau and Saffron Bakery either at the Peak (next to Marketplace) or Stanley GF Stanley Plaza. For babies that age Tree is probably better.

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    Hk definetly needs to become more child friendly. Not many restaurants with high chairs

    Pacific Coffee at City gate has a small play area for kids.

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    I never tried it myself but I read on Little Steps that Hullett House in TST had a kid/baby play area on their lawn - only for their Sunday lunch. You could lay out a blanket on the lawn with some toys and let them crawl around. You might have to check tho if they are still doing it in the wintertime.

    Alternatively, maybe consider hosting at your place or your friend's place and ordering delivery from one of the restaurants you like. That's what my group of moms has been doing and where you sacrifice on the 'restaurant' angle, you gain on the 'baby friendly' angle.

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    banane76 is offline Registered User
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    Zuma has a play area, but you can't really leave babies on their own. Also has highchairs. We started going to each other's houses for the crawling stage...much easier and more comfortable.

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