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Baby sleeps in bassinet only at night. Refuses daytime naps unless held or cuddled.

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    I hope she gets a good nap soon. My baby had a very set bedtime & naptime routine by 8 wks old and she started sleeping through the night at almost 4 mos. We never used a bassinet or moses. For naps and bedtime I swaddled her and put her straight in her crib. But up until 4 months old she was taking a nap in her swing set and started getting used to napping in her crib gradually but I had to use a sleepbag on her, keep the room dim, and play a music for her to nap longer but fewer (instead of taking naps 3x but shorter) and also feed her before her nap. Try everything - swaddle, music, white noise, swing, nursing before naptime, whatever works, etc. But still she only dozes off when I rock and cuddle her. I guess, she just love that physical warmth and feels secure about it before she can go to her dreamland. She is now 6 mos and rocking her to sleep only takes less than 10 mins and so carrying a heavy baby for 10 mins isn't so bad.

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    Thanks for the replies! I have tried swaddling, swaying, humming during naps but as soon as I put her down (or shortly thereafter) she wakes up cranky. It's super bright in my room during the day and I think it might be too stimulating. I'm going to try taping up the windows until I can get blackout curtains installed. I've tales to another mom who had the same problems with her girl, so I don't think it's too uncommon. As for tummy sleeping I have considered it for nap times only but I don't feel comfortable trying it, well not at least she's able to roll over on her own.

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    It might be a bit of a pain, but have you tried carrying her in a sling for a while? During REM sleep, babies can easily wake up, but since you said she can sleep in a sling, could you try carrying her about as you do something around the house, and when her eyes stop fluttering (going into deep NREM sleep) try putting her down then? My son had an awful time with sleep, and carrying him in a sling did the trick most of the time...I just had to carry him in a sling for about 15 minutes while I washed dishes or vacuumed or something, and then I put him down on his bed, still in the sling but with his face uncovered of course. darkening the room will probably help too, as you said.

    Good luck!

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