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When employers are away

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    When employers are away


    Jus a quick questions, when u and ur family is going for a holiday? What do you usually do with ur helper? Does she continue to stay in ur hse while u r away?

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    Yes she takes care of our dog and does major cleaning. Also lots of down time for her
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    yes, ours stays in our house with our dogs and rabbits. i give her a list of major cleaning to be done, like a big spring clean.

    if we didn't have pets, i would probably send her home for the time that we were gone and have her return a day or two before we get back so that she can clean and tidy the house before our return.

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    If it's not a very long holiday then she stays at home. We usually make sure there's enough in the house for her to be comfortable and some cash for grocery / emergency. We (she and I) usually draw a list of work that she could do, which are not always possible with everyday work - like put curtain for a wash, clean the windows.

    Plus depending on the work above, we give her some days "off" completely. So in case we request her to work on one of the sundays etc, it can be adjusted with these. This is all in agreement with her.

    In case it's a very long holiday, she also takes her annual leave and comes back a day or so before we return.

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    We give ours the choice. This Christmas we are going home and told her that we would either pay for her to go home, or give her a bigger Christmas bonus, and she'd prefer the $$$. I like to have someone watch our house at least for part of the time, so it's not vacant for 3 weeks - also it is handy to have someone collecting the mail etc... She also does some of the "big jobs" that are harder to do with us around. I trust her in our house without us here so it's not an issue.

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    We've only had short 1 week holidays. Our helper stays at home & we provide her with a list of chores like:
    1) wash & store previous season clothes
    2) refresh next season
    3) clean pantry
    4) clean fridge

    We provide her with food allowance & a list of food ready when we arrive (fresh milk, bread & dinner).

    Most if all, if she needs to get personal errands done, we encourage her to make the most out of this time by going to the dentist, getting her passport renewed etc

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