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Maternity Insurance

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    Maternity Insurance

    My husband and I just relocated to Hong Kong and are planning to start a family. But we just found out both of our insurance plans by HK employers only cover maternity if the baby is conceived 9 months after insurance enrollment. Is this a normal market practice in Hong Kong? Is there any supplemental maternity plan we can buy with immediate coverage?

    Otherwise, how much would it cost to have prenatal check ups by a private doctor and give birth at a private hospital?

    Many thanks!

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    It is usual practice to have a waiting period of 1 year or so before maternity cover kicks in. Say you sign on today, get pregnant 3 months later, your pre-natal visits won't be covered but your hospital delivery should be.

    Charges for hospital delivery vary, Depending on which private hospital you go for. Some vaginal delivery packages go at 45-65k, add 10-15k more for c-section. Some hospitals like the Matilda - bill can go to 100-120k for c section.

    Pre-natal visits again vary w doctors. I would think around 1k each time with scans? These are rough numbers from my understanding and memory.

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    Your employers plan should cover you, I'd get on to both your HR departments and query this and complain if you have to, if a company wants you to move then they should cover you for all eventualities and shouldn't have a waiting period... although maybe you don't want to tell your employer that you're hoping to take mat leave so soon after arriving here! Definitely check the details as having a waiting period on a corporate policy sounds unusual and a waiting period before conception sounds unusual too. Usually the waiting period is as Gemma described, having said that, my experience is with international companies here.

    It is standard for private policies that you take out to have a waiting period for maternity and some other conditions, otherwise everybody would only bother to get coverage when they knew they were pregnant and stop straight after they had the baby. The shortest waiting period I found was with DKV which is 8 months but it can be up to a year with other insurers. It does mean that you can start claiming after the 8 months is up - for example if you are already four months pregnant by the time the waiting period is up then you can't claim for your first four months of treatment but you can for the rest of your pregnancy and the hospital stay which is the expensive bit.

    What Gemma said for the costs, about 1k a visit although it does vary depending on who you see, usually one visit per month and then one every two weeks as you head into the third trimester then the hospital bill depends on the hospital, type of delivery and any complications 100k is a good benchmark but of course it can be much less in some places and much more in others with complications.

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