Thank you everyone for the suggestions.

I actually think the teacher is really nice. My son is one of those extremely sensitive kids and does not settle into a new environment easily. So I am very grateful that he actually likes his current school. I will be reluctant to pull him out.

Gifted? I think it's a bit early to tell. But I do remember feeling very bored in kindies myself. I just didn't like to play with the toys and the other kids there. My parents did nothing about it, though. But I still preferred to go to school everyday because it was even more boring at home! I had to beg my mum to get a piano teacher for me so I had something to do.

Forgot to mention in my previous post that I am located in Tung Chung. The pay will be around $250-$300ish depending on the qualifications and experiences. Please note that I am not looking for an English tutor, but more like someone who can provide a home enrichment programme for a little kid. So I don't want to restrict the course content to just languages. Moms who have done or are currently homeschooling their kids will be very good candidates, too! Thank you for your time!