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Winter attire

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    My 6 month old absolutely hates a coat or jacket so what I do when we're is put on tights or baby legwarmers on her (with a dress or skirt), a top (usually onesie that are either long sleeve or short sleeve), cardigan, and beanie hat that will cover her ears. Then she's bundled up in very cozy warm wool blanket & if it's really cold an extra thermal blanket. She's always warm and easily sweats more than that. She would kick her blanket when she gets too hot. I cannot keep on layering her as she gets rash when's too hot. She's just a warm-blooded baby I guess. Also, she gets really happy when a cool/cold breeze blows on her face. That's how I know she's warm enough & doesn't feel chilly & can appreciate a little bit of coolness in her surroundings. Her neck, chest, hands are warm. Her cheeks always feels cool when touch. We were in the middle of a Chicago winter when I was pregnant with her & I guess, she's just born to love cold places like me. Locales tend to overdress that's all.

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    Yesterday afternoon we went outdoors it was so nice out there After which we went indoors, we walked past a granny who mumbled 'wear so little' seeing both of us in 1 layer w/o jackets and my boy in tshirt & pants Oh well we were so comfy I guess it must be similar luks they get from me seeing them & their kids wrapped like dumplings
    Overdressing could result in potential fever as heat gets trapped in the babies' bodies more easily, and also making them less capable of dealing with coldness with overdependence on excessive dressing which might make them fall sick easier.

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